Saturday, 15 July 2017

Tit-Shredding Grinder - Hitori Art Commission - Tit Frappes!

Heard of a Tit Frappe?

If you've ready my stories, in particular the Tit Frappe Party, Club Scene 2 ch1, or Club Scene 2 ch2 then you'd be familiar with the drink.

A Tit Frappe is, basically, a titmeat smoothie with a mix of alcohol & chemicals in it.

To make one, a girl injects the alcohol & chemicals into her breasts, then has her lovely globes ground up into the drink. The grinding is usually done with a handheld device called a 'Grinder*' that...

Well, that's the problem. It's often been awkward to describe.

So, I had the lovely, twisted, artist Hitori do up an art commission that shows one in action.

So, yes, it's a stage-mic-like device where the business end is a mess of grinding blades. It shreds & tears the meat it's jammed into and pumps the resulting crimson paste out the bottom end. For stage shows a long hose is often attached to the base so the girls on stage have their ground tits pumped into a communal collection tank rather than having to collect them as they shred them on stage.


Thoughts? Comments? Peals of abject horror?

Fire away - (go on - I haven't had hate mail in weeks now, I'm starting to miss it...)

You can find this device in a number of my stories by the way, not just the ones above. It comes up in several of my club-setting stories and is a regular item in my tales these days.


*Tragically creative.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

US Weekly - Tit-shredded cannibalism, MilkySuisei & Illustrated Stories!

You can't make this stuff up:

Well, ok, maybe you can, but then it falls apart when you try to link to the news story you've imagined and it turns out to be about dogs. The link above, however, is not about dogs. It is about the Santa Clarita Diet and a few other things that are encouraging people to drink blendered human flesh.

So, did I do it before it was cool? Only time will tell!

One thing's for sure though - I'm not about to stop.

On that note, who here is familiar with MilkySuisei?

For those who aren't, she's a Second Life & 3D art star famous for her avatar's massively oversized breasts and her enthusiasm for having the same bitten, cooked and generally devoured.

She's also been featured in Playboy and is generally awesome. Go say hi, she won't bite - she's more into being on the receiving end of that.

And, I'm doing some writing featuring her, and a posse of her girls, as characters in what I'm calling a "Diner Takeover" story.

I've even had a 3D big-bust artist from DeviantArt, DesignerInc, agree to have his girls featured in the story - so the finished work will be loaded with busty beauties to liven up the tale!

All of the art I'll be featuring will also be available, for free, on DesignerInc's gallery btw. Feel free to check it out - he's not a gore/cann artist/fan, but he knows what I'm up to here and he gave his (slightly uncertain) informed consent for his girls to be featured.

Anyway, I'm far from done the story, but here's the start:

Lets get these carved for your meal! (Designerinc)

"Babe, show 'em how it's done." The huge-busted blonde ordered her massive-chested brunette friend.

"My pleasure Milky." The pretty girl replied, smiling and stripping off her skimpy bikini top as she stepped up to the tit-cutter station.

Stepping up, the huge-busted brunette shoved the nervous D-Cup waitress to one side and thrust her own massive chest out. "Here, let me supersize that for you." She said to the shocked customer as she eased her huge globes over the cutting bar and let the meaty orbs settle in the path of the razor-sharp cutting blade.

"Ummm... wow!" The blonde customer blurted, eyes wide as she ogled the brunette's huge hooters.

"Uh... are you sure?" The amply-busted waitress asked, looking uncertain about the sudden reprieve granted to her and her fairly fabulous bust.

"Yes. I'm positive." The huge-busted brunette smiled as she stood with her huge breasts resting beneath a cutting blade.

"Big tits rule, the rest drool." Milky declared proudly, her own stupendous chest thrust out. "Right babe?"

"Yeah! Now come on chef, give this babe a serious set of tits for lunch." The eager brunette urged, crossing her hands behind her back as she pressed her huge boobs into the path of the waiting blade.

Taking a deep breath, the blonde girl took hold of the cutting-blade handle and pulled down.

The brunette grunted as the blade bit into the upper curve of her massive breasts, then groaned with pained pleasure as it cut into her ripe flesh.

"That's right, give up your titties for that girl's lunch. She needs some real meat!" Milky said, winking at the blonde customer.

"Nnnghhh... Oh yeah." The brunette moaned, body shuddering with pleasure as the blade carved through her oversized chest. Reaching around to steady her massive globes as they began to fall forward, she massaged her massive chest until, finally, the blade sliced her huge boobs clean off and they fell onto the chopping block.

"Yeah! Good job!" Milky cheered.

"Mmm... My pleasure boss. It's what big titties are for after all." The now-titless brunette said with a woozy smile. "Enjoy those tits girl." She said to the customer before turning to the chef. "Come on then, get those cooking and get the rest of me into your disposal bins before I pass out."

"Of course! Um, thank you for donating?" The chef said uncertainly as she collected the huge tits.

"It's what big tits like ours are for!" Milky laughed, indicating her huge rack and the massive boobs of the gaggle of girls with her.

As the blonde girl lead the titless brunette away to the kitchen for disposal, Milky turned to the rest of the diner.

"Attention people! Today my titty girls," she gestured at the array of gorgeous and hugely-busty beauties with her, "and I will be filling in for all the regular diner waitresses. Any order for a meal with titmeat will get a pair of our great big titties on your plate at no extra charge. Right girls?"

"Yeah!" Chorused the posse of massively-mammaried girls, their near-naked chests thrust out proudly.

"What? You're all volunteering to lose your tits for free?... Why?" Asked a bewildered brunette in a nearby booth as she held a menu in-hand.

"Because it's what big titties are for!" Milky declared, shoving her tits out and giving the massive globes a squeeze. "So tell your friends, tell your enemies and get everybody down here - we've got a lot of titmeat waiting for them."

"Oh wow... I'm letting the whole office know." A well-dressed girl in a booth said, whipping out her phone.

Well, ok, Round_1 is done and I'm nipples-deep into Round_2. I'm rolling towards a few more story packs (including futa and male-meat ones!) so look for this to show up soon.

Thoughts? Comments? Comment below and keep filling up my inbox at!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Summer Sale! 1/2 Price Story Bundles & Comics!

Starting on July 01 I'm heating things up by holding a Summer Sale!

From July 01 - July 08, All Story Bundles & Comics are half-price!

Happy Canada Day? Happy Canada Day!

Happy Fourth of July? Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Thursday? Happy Thursday!

Whatever you celebrate, have fun doing it!

And, if you've bought something in the last month, I'll even give you bonus credit equal to what you bought.

So, go take a look at my story bundles & comics and Paypal me for whatever you'd like -

The list is as follows:
Comic Projects:
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Story Bundles:

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The Meat Party $5

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Unending Torrents of Amazing Peril & Snuff Porn!

A while ago, the twistedly perverse Kathyrne launched a Patreon account.

She, very quickly, loaded it up with her incredibly busty superheroine girls and their continuing adventures at the merciless hands of her world's supervillains.

It has been AMAZING.

Daily updates.

Huge tits.

Polls & voting to choose victims & perils.

Giant boobs.

Member feedback that gets turned into new art.

Oversized melons.

Random bonus comic strips.

And, in case I didn't mention it, massive breasts.

Kathyrne's art has always been good, but this is amazing.

She's even busting out her writing skills and adding enticing short stories to nearly every art posting.

If you haven't checked it out yet, go check out Kathyrne on Patreon.

She's killing i...lots and lots of gorgeous superheroines!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

More Futa Gore Art Commissions from Hitori the Artist

Hitori's weekly livestream commission art days are a blast!

I've been in touch with him and commissioned two more pieces of art.

First up is a gal living out her Fishworld Staff Girl vore fantasies at home:

After that, we have the final pose of a stripper as she gives her all on stage:

This one... it didn't *quite* click, but still came out quite nicely.

The best news is that Hitori and I have been working on our communication and I should be able to get even better commissions in the future.

Commissions which, in addition to being posted here, are posted a week or so earlier over on Hitori' Patreon.

Yes. Total plug.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

New Art Commissions - Hitori the Artist

More good news (and pervy art!)

I recently got in touch with an artist by the name of Hitori. There's a bit of history/treasure-hunting involved with this guy because he's responsible for some art that I'd seen here & there and always really enjoyed, but was never able to track down to the source. Here are a few examples:

Once I found the artist in question, I was quite happy to be able to get a commission done up:

Also... Hitori is willing & able to deliver on Futa artwork so I commissioned the following piece:

At this point, we're in touch and I'm going to continue to commission works - getting a range of Futa ideas done up as well as a few of my more-standard Debreasting concepts.

Hitori is doing AMAZING work and does regular, weekly, Sunday live-streams of commission art where people can chat and watch. I'm in there fairly regularly now and you can catch Hitori coming up with the next piece that'll be appearing on my blog, or Hitori's Patreon - go check it out and maybe you'll even be able to snag one of the coveted Sunday Commission Slots!

Look for a lot of fun stuff here in the next while. Especially as these new pieces of art get me motivated to write more!

New Art Commission - Jebriodo

Good news - I have some more commission artwork to share!

First up is another gorgeous bit of pencil work from the musclebabe artist Jebriodo. I requested another buff waitress, this time with a side-order of goth, and he delivered the following:

Which is glorious! Expect this babe to appear in a tale of diner indulgence soon.