Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Unending Torrents of Amazing Peril & Snuff Porn!

A while ago, the twistedly perverse Kathyrne launched a Patreon account.

She, very quickly, loaded it up with her incredibly busty superheroine girls and their continuing adventures at the merciless hands of her world's supervillains.

It has been AMAZING.

Daily updates.

Huge tits.

Polls & voting to choose victims & perils.

Giant boobs.

Member feedback that gets turned into new art.

Oversized melons.

Random bonus comic strips.

And, in case I didn't mention it, massive breasts.

Kathyrne's art has always been good, but this is amazing.

She's even busting out her writing skills and adding enticing short stories to nearly every art posting.

If you haven't checked it out yet, go check out Kathyrne on Patreon.

She's killing i...lots and lots of gorgeous superheroines!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

More Futa Gore Art Commissions from Hitori the Artist

Hitori's weekly livestream commission art days are a blast!

I've been in touch with him and commissioned two more pieces of art.

First up is a gal living out her Fishworld Staff Girl vore fantasies at home:

After that, we have the final pose of a stripper as she gives her all on stage:

This one... it didn't *quite* click, but still came out quite nicely.

The best news is that Hitori and I have been working on our communication and I should be able to get even better commissions in the future.

Commissions which, in addition to being posted here, are posted a week or so earlier over on Hitori' Patreon.

Yes. Total plug.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

New Art Commissions - Hitori the Artist

More good news (and pervy art!)

I recently got in touch with an artist by the name of Hitori. There's a bit of history/treasure-hunting involved with this guy because he's responsible for some art that I'd seen here & there and always really enjoyed, but was never able to track down to the source. Here are a few examples:

Once I found the artist in question, I was quite happy to be able to get a commission done up:

Also... Hitori is willing & able to deliver on Futa artwork so I commissioned the following piece:

At this point, we're in touch and I'm going to continue to commission works - getting a range of Futa ideas done up as well as a few of my more-standard Debreasting concepts.

Hitori is doing AMAZING work and does regular, weekly, Sunday live-streams of commission art where people can chat and watch. I'm in there fairly regularly now and you can catch Hitori coming up with the next piece that'll be appearing on my blog, or Hitori's Patreon - go check it out and maybe you'll even be able to snag one of the coveted Sunday Commission Slots!

Look for a lot of fun stuff here in the next while. Especially as these new pieces of art get me motivated to write more!

New Art Commission - Jebriodo

Good news - I have some more commission artwork to share!

First up is another gorgeous bit of pencil work from the musclebabe artist Jebriodo. I requested another buff waitress, this time with a side-order of goth, and he delivered the following:

Which is glorious! Expect this babe to appear in a tale of diner indulgence soon.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Sharing an Artist - Kathyrne on Patreon

Kathyrne is a digital artist and a delightfully deviant creator of some of the greatest superheroine peril on the internet!

Especially if you're a fan of the "No survivors" approach to peril. And/or sharp things.

Big news about this amazing artist though - she's going to Patreon!

Her creations are often set in a world rife with superheroines, supervillains, demonic forces and laws that state that while superheroines aren't liable for the property destruction they cause, it's also legal to do anything you want to them.

This new batch of amazing, tit-heavy, art from this dedicated pervert will be in addition to her plentiful image bundles available via her existing Peril Art Website.

So... go check her out.

She's been a friend of mine for years now and has consistently created AMAZING things. Her characters are detailed, her world is rich in lore and she's well-worth investing a few bucks a month to help support her in her work.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May the Fourth be With You!

On this, the International Star Wars day of 2017.

Are you doing something Star Wars-related today?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Contest of Champions - Batbabe Peril Comic Commission for Download!

The new Batbabe: Contest of Champions comic from Jessy Dee is finished!

This comic is another story set in the Delicious Girls club as Batbabe, BatTeen, ArcticFox, Miss Lane and a ton of others get up to some bloody good fun.

Also; boobs.

And dicks - Badbabe, Carmen and Queen Semmenia are dickgirls/futa, so there's some interesting new content there.

Two teams - Superheroes & Villains throw down on-stage. Joining them are the bravest, bustiest, girls from the audience as they join the fun, show themselves off and risk life & limb.

Each round the losers are dispatched, messily, by the event's Master of Ceremonies.

19 pages of blood, boobs and blowjobs. Can you handle it?

Well, I'm asking $12 for this custom comic commission.

Any money I get for it (and thanks to the people who have already bought it!) goes towards paying for other commissions.

If you're up for helping me create more comic art projects like this, drop me an email at for details on how.

And - stay tuned for not one, not two but FIVE pieces of commission art in the next week or two.